Rock and Roll Isn’t Dead, It was Just Sleeping

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Today is April 14th, 2012 and it feels like somebody just woke me up.  That somebody is Dead Sara.  I want you to click on these videos and be amazed.  I want you to want to know more about this wonderful band and how to hear more of their face melting sound.  Then I want you to buy their debut album and crank it up until your speakers are about to explode!  That’s exactly what I did, because they are that damn good.

Direct from the band’s website:  Music history is rich with rock bands fronted by dynamic duos. Looking to carry on this yin and yang tradition are two talented young women, singer Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley, who front Los Angeles’ Dead Sara — an electrifying four-piece rock band whose supercharged music is propelled by Medley’s exhilarating, monster guitar riffs and Armstrong’s powerful, wailing vocals.

The two musicians are a study in contrast onstage: Medley remains rooted in place — a solid, steady anchor for Armstrong’s almost unhinged performance style. A skilled vocal stylist who can handle blues, soul, and folk-rock with equal aplomb, Armstrong can unleash a guttural howl one minute and trill as pretty as a songbird the next. (When asked by the Wall Street Journal recently which female rock singers she admired, legendary Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick namechecked Armstrong, citing her “strong, urgent sound.”)

How can I describe Dead Sara’s sound, I’d say if Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon had sisters who formed their own band that would be Dead Sara. Hope that does them some kind of justice. Jump on this bandwagon while there is still room, because it’s about to get crowded real fast. It’s been a while since a band has gotten me this excited. Check your pulse if you don’t like this four piece from L.A., because you may already be dead! Rock on Dead Sara, because I think you need to wake a few more of us up. Hey, if you sign up for their newsletter they are giving away their song Face to Face for free! What are you waiting for? Go check them out now!


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