Song of the Week 9/19–Wonderful

I’ve been thinking about being without lately. I grew up on the poor side. My father worked at an auto plant and while he made decent money, stretching those hard-earned dollars to feed five kids and two adults at times proved challenging. I still wonder how my mother did it. We rarely got expensive things for X-mas or birthdays. Although I did get the Millennium Falcon one year and was speechless. Yes, I had Star Wars toys. There were some holidays where we got five presents and half of those were clothes. Most kids don’t like getting clothes, but we were grateful and we understood. Making money and what we did have last are some of the things I’ve taken with me into adulthood. Again, I’m grateful for the lesson. Most of the things I learned throughout my life trickle into my characters in some way, shape, or form. Writers often draw on experience to help shape their fiction. Money, jobs, and the economy seem to be on everyone’s mind lately, so here’s Everclear and their song I Will Buy You A New Life. I guess I like Everclear because I can relate, on more than one level, with the emotional content behind many of their songs. And any good song should draw you in emotionally. Personal stakes make for great music, and great books (if you’re a writer, like me). If we can get a reader to say what they would, or wouldn’t, do in our character’s shoes, we’re on the right track. That’s why I smile when multiple readers say they wouldn’t get into a car with a vampire hitman. I guess I’m on the right track.

Just when you thought one song was enough, I’m throwing in a bonus song! This is the first official song of the week post and we’ve got to make it bigger, better, and more wonderful than you hoped it would be. Speaking of wonderful (segue anyone?), that’s the title of another Everclear song. Frontman Art Alexakis has had his share of troubles throughout his life. He’s struggled with addiction, a broken home, and a failed marriage just to name a few. Wonderful not only delves into his childhood, but also puts the listener in the middle of his divorce. If we take a closer look, we can see the pain behind the smile. I know, I used to do the same thing. Despite all the pain, Art is a down to earth and all around good guy. He often takes time for the fans before and after shows. If Everclear plays anywhere near your city, check them out. Everclear’s official website.


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