Song of the Week 10/10–Dear Jamie…Sincerely Me

This may be the only official song of the week for October due to the fact that I’ve combined music with the guest posts. But don’t fear, the song of the week still lingers like that mystery tub of leftovers at the back of your fridge. I like to let the songs come out and grab me, and this song did just that. I was thinking about which song to post when the medley popped into my noggin. They may not be the most popular band, or even the coolest, but Hellogoodbye have a unique sound that tends to stay with you. Their sound can best be described as synth-pop and normally something I don’t get into. Yet here they are as my song of the week. You can find Hellogoodbye here (something is wrong with their official site, sorry). Because I know you’re going to love them, I’m posting another great song of theirs titled Here In Your Arms too. You guys are so lucky. 🙂

As you can see their videos are just so cute! Who doesn’t love a geek in love, or felt out of place? Finger puppets for the win! Hope you enjoyed the videos. See you next time.


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