Song of the Week 11/9: Misery, by Soul Asylum

November is churning along and many aspiring novelists are deep in the NaNoWriMo trenches. They say misery loves company. Here’s a song that says just that. Enjoy Soul Asylum and their song Misery as you crank out the words, you crazy NaNo-ers. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this song. I think I’ll go edit something now. Happy writing!



  1. Great cheerleading song for the NaNo-ers! Okay, I’m seriously thinking I’ve got to somehow nominate you to be the world’s official music man. If ever I need a song for inspiration, I know where I’m coming. 😉

    And since you like music, for some reason I was thinking of one of my favorite songs, so I thought I’d share. It’s my favorite version of the song too.

    The band is Asian Kung-Fu Generation. The song is actually about a guy waiting for a girl he misses who never shows up and how sad he is, but I still like it, especially for the music itself and the leadsinger Masafumi’s vocals. I also like that they’re rock stars and total geeks and it’s okay. 😉

    1. Thanks, Jae! I’m just a guy who like most music…but not country. Maybe I’ll go into that some other time.

      Is Re: Re: Japanese? I’m afraid I don’t know and not knowing bothers me for some reason. Do you understand the lyrics, or have found a translation? I’m curious. Hmm, I notice this band has kung fu in the title. Does that have anything to do with your love of this song? I bet you love any song associated with kung fu. 😉

      A buddy of mine used to listen to Loso (I believe he’s Thai) all the time. I almost went to Thailand with him. That’s about all the foreign music I’ve been exposed to. Thanks for sharing!

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