Month: January 2013

Song of the Week 1/18: Seven Mary Three–Last Kiss

It’s no secret I listen to music while I write. In honor of my new WIP, I’d like to share two songs which represent my main character’s feelings for one another. Yes, I’m challenging myself by including a romantic sub-plot. Wish me luck. Getting the female side of a romance down should be quite a challenge. It’s a good thing my sister reads a ton of romance books. I’ve already listened to these songs at least twenty five times. Can anyone read into the song lyrics and guess how the romance will end?

For John, we have Seven Mary Three, with Last Kiss. There is no official video, but the guys in the band made their own. Enjoy.

For Tallie, we have We Are The In Crowd, with Never Be What You Want. I like the acoustic version better. Enjoy.

Are there certain songs that remind you of your characters? Does music influence your writing?



The Blood GospelIf any of you have been peeking at my Twitter feed, you would have noticed I’ve been counting down the days until today. What’s so special about today? It’s BLOOD GOSPEL day!

THE BLOOD GOSPEL is the a new vampire novel written by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. Don’t adjust your eyes. They wrote about vampires on purpose. You know, the subject most literary agents say is too saturated to publish. THE BLOOD GOSPEL deals with religious undertones and vampires, just like EDEN. When I see a high-profile release like this, it fans my fire of hope for EDEN. Apparently readers aren’t as tired of vampires as the publishing industry would have us believe.

I’ll be picking up my copy on Thursday. You may want to give it a read too. I’ll post the book trailer below.

Here’s a great article by Paul “Goat” Allen, titled Put a Stake In It! Why Was 2012 Such a Dreadful Year for Vampire Fiction? It’s an article he wrote for a Barnes and Noble blog which goes into the current state of vampire fiction and where he thinks it’s headed. It really is a fascinating read, especially if you write about vampires. Paul doesn’t think the market for vampire fiction is dead. He believes it will rise again, and soon. He also mentions THE BLOOD GOSPEL as a book to look out for in 2013. Bring on the vampires!

You can read Paul’s article by following this link.

James Rollins official website can be found by following this link.

Follow James Rollins on Twitter.

Follow Rebecca Cantrell on Twitter.

Song of the Week 1/4/2013: June Divided–The Way We Started Out

June Divided's Melissa waits for the New Year. Image via @JuneDivided from Twitter.

June Divided’s Melissa waits for the New Year. Image via @JuneDivided from Twitter.

There’s a bit of back story to this song of the week. I lived about 45 minutes from Philadelphia for five years while in the military. Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities. I spent many a happy night drinking and listening to music with good friends. It was a blast. So it’s no surprise that up and coming bands like June Divided, who just happen to hail from Philadelphia, get special attention from me. When I find a Philly band that I really like, I feel the need to tell everyone. Now on with the rest of the post.

June Divided is a female fronted rock band that will smash all expectations of what that means. Melissa Manago is a powerhouse on vocals and a stellar songwriter. Chris Kissel’s guitar work adds nice depth to a solid rhythm section. One listen and you’ll see why June Divided should be on your radar for 2013. Their debut album Backbone was released on Jul 10, 2012. You can find them hard at work touring to support it. You can check tour dates on their facebook page here. You can follow June Divided on Twitter here.