Song of the Week 1/4/2013: June Divided–The Way We Started Out

June Divided's Melissa waits for the New Year. Image via @JuneDivided from Twitter.

June Divided’s Melissa waits for the New Year. Image via @JuneDivided from Twitter.

There’s a bit of back story to this song of the week. I lived about 45 minutes from Philadelphia for five years while in the military. Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities. I spent many a happy night drinking and listening to music with good friends. It was a blast. So it’s no surprise that up and coming bands like June Divided, who just happen to hail from Philadelphia, get special attention from me. When I find a Philly band that I really like, I feel the need to tell everyone. Now on with the rest of the post.

June Divided is a female fronted rock band that will smash all expectations of what that means. Melissa Manago is a powerhouse on vocals and a stellar songwriter. Chris Kissel’s guitar work adds nice depth to a solid rhythm section. One listen and you’ll see why June Divided should be on your radar for 2013. Their debut album Backbone was released on Jul 10, 2012. You can find them hard at work touring to support it. You can check tour dates on their facebook page here. You can follow June Divided on Twitter here.


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