The Blood GospelIf any of you have been peeking at my Twitter feed, you would have noticed I’ve been counting down the days until today. What’s so special about today? It’s BLOOD GOSPEL day!

THE BLOOD GOSPEL is the a new vampire novel written by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. Don’t adjust your eyes. They wrote about vampires on purpose. You know, the subject most literary agents say is too saturated to publish. THE BLOOD GOSPEL deals with religious undertones and vampires, just like EDEN. When I see a high-profile release like this, it fans my fire of hope for EDEN. Apparently readers aren’t as tired of vampires as the publishing industry would have us believe.

I’ll be picking up my copy on Thursday. You may want to give it a read too. I’ll post the book trailer below.

Here’s a great article by Paul “Goat” Allen, titled Put a Stake In It! Why Was 2012 Such a Dreadful Year for Vampire Fiction? It’s an article he wrote for a Barnes and Noble blog which goes into the current state of vampire fiction and where he thinks it’s headed. It really is a fascinating read, especially if you write about vampires. Paul doesn’t think the market for vampire fiction is dead. He believes it will rise again, and soon. He also mentions THE BLOOD GOSPEL as a book to look out for in 2013. Bring on the vampires!

You can read Paul’s article by following this link.

James Rollins official website can be found by following this link.

Follow James Rollins on Twitter.

Follow Rebecca Cantrell on Twitter.



    1. I keep hearing that too, and then I have to prove my vampires are unique to literary agents. Sadly, there’s a stigma. I’ll keep writing the kinds of stories I love and trust others will love them too.

  1. Personally, I have no problem with vampires – would quit happily go back and watch Buffy and Angel if I owned the DVDs. And all the rest. But, yes, there is something wrong with sparkly vamps.

    1. There are tons of vampire fans out there. They wonder why there’s a decline in vampire fiction as well. All I can do is bring my story to the table and hope for the best. My vampires bite, drink blood, and the mutated ones live only to feed. I’m fairly confident fans will like them. No sparkly vamps here.

      1. Your vamps sound just fine. I don’t mind a bit of vamp-human lurve, I mean, that’s ultimate Romeo-Juliet, right there, but the vampire should still be, in essence, a vampire. I always thought the whole appeal of vamps was their gritty, could turn on the hero(ine) in an instant-ness… Not the ideal date in real life.

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