Song of the Week 1/18: Seven Mary Three–Last Kiss

It’s no secret I listen to music while I write. In honor of my new WIP, I’d like to share two songs which represent my main character’s feelings for one another. Yes, I’m challenging myself by including a romantic sub-plot. Wish me luck. Getting the female side of a romance down should be quite a challenge. It’s a good thing my sister reads a ton of romance books. I’ve already listened to these songs at least twenty five times. Can anyone read into the song lyrics and guess how the romance will end?

For John, we have Seven Mary Three, with Last Kiss. There is no official video, but the guys in the band made their own. Enjoy.

For Tallie, we have We Are The In Crowd, with Never Be What You Want. I like the acoustic version better. Enjoy.

Are there certain songs that remind you of your characters? Does music influence your writing?



  1. Lately I’ve been listening to the “99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music” while I write. I can’t have lyrics or I’ll just listen to the song and not write. lol. It’s been interesting, especially during intense scenes. So Tallie and John, huh? I guess that was a bit inevitable, but that’s all good. It can still be surprising the way it turns out, and I know you’ll come up with something great. πŸ™‚

    1. I can’t imagine not listening to music as I write. It helps me hone in on certain emotions which helps me build scenes. Now that my writing is (finally) where I want it to be, a romantic sub-plot will be a good challenge. It’ll be fun. I already know how it will end and I’m not telling. I’m going to make a playlist and share it after I’m done writing. We’ll see how that turns out.

  2. Gosh. I used to listen to my 7 Mary 3 “American Standard” cassette (Yes!) all the time… One of those bands I’ve managed to lose touch with, and for no good reason! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Being thirty something, I had plenty of cassettes too. Mostly hair metal bands from the eighties. πŸ˜‰

      7M3 is still one of my favorite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live three times over the years. Their second album, Rock Crown, is probably the best. Definitely worth a listen.

      1. Being from New Zealand, and not living in one of the cities bands do come to when they play over here, I haven’t seen very many bands live at all… sad. I did see Pearl Jam before I got pregnant, and took my son to Faith No More before he had developed hearing… (o: At least I get to tick them off my list.
        But my absolute favourite favourite band, Our Lady Peace hasn’t come over here, yet… and I can’t afford the tickets to Canada, so that dream remains unfulfilled… one day… one day…

  3. I’ve been big into Beats Antique lately, and Thievery Corporation. It’s good background music, kind of soothing, almost, but not too soothing, if that makes any sense. Oh, and Lindsey Stirling – love that electric violin! I don’t really have any songs that remind me of our characters, though…maybe Kati does? I’ll have to ask her. πŸ™‚

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