Song of the Week 2/20: Black Label Society–Stillborn (acoustic)

Certain songs capture certain emotions perfectly. In the acoustic version of Stillborn, Zakk Wylde not only shows his guitar chops (he’s one of the all-time greats) but he also gives listeners a glimpse of sorrow, longing, and pain. All the way through the melodical opening until the final note we can feel the subtle pull of emotion. Zak may not be the best singer, but this song is his shining moment. This song allegedly tells the story of a man whose girlfriend treats him so poorly and takes so much advantage of him that his love for her dies, leaving him feeling dead as well. I say allegedly because I can’t find the direct quote. The acoustic version and original version of this song are very different. They both capture the same emotions, but stripping everything down enhances those same emotions. What we’re left with is a masterpiece.

“You’ve got certain guys that just want to be famous and then you’ve got the real musicians that just love playing music.”–Zakk Wylde

Sadly, this quote is true of many people in any profession. If you love what you do, it’ll show. A love of music, books, or writing can’t be faked. Money, fame, and everything else will come and go. Love lasts forever. Just as any great song lasts forever. Love what you do, or find something you can love and do that.


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