Shogun Rising

I follow the ridiculously talented artist, Aaron Miller, on Twitter. My hope is one day I’ll be either famous enough or rich enough to be able to commission his talents for a book cover. Anyway, yesterday he Tweeted that a Kickstarter he’s involved with went live. I was naturally intrigued so I clicked on the link.

So what’s a kickstarter? A kickstarter is a way for creative folks, film makers, writers, comic creators, and so on, to get funding for their projects. Have you heard about the Veronica Mars kickstarter raising millions for a feature length film? The formula is simple. The creators come up with a project. They make a video stating their intentions and goals. They ask us, the general public to pitch in to make their project happen. Sounds easy, right? Most kickstarters last for a certain period of time and if their financial goals aren’t met, no one is charged. The creators often throw in perks for supporting their cause. One of the perks for supporting Shogun Rising is to have yourself drawn into the graphic novel. Pretty cool.

What is Shogun Rising?

It’s a graphic novel written and illustrated by some talented folks. It’s samurai meets zombies with a twist of love. Think samurai Romeo and Juliet fighting in the zombie apocalypse. It would probably be easier to let the creators tell you. I’ll paste the video here.

As you can see, these artists are no joke. It took me about fifteen minutes to decide to support this kickstarter. And here I am urging anyone interested to join me. If you know of anyone who may be interested, help spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, however you can. We’ve got until June 1st to help raise &44,000. As of 5:00 PM, EST, Shogun Rising has raised a little over $3,500. That’s just a one day total! Well? What are you waiting for? Help make this graphic novel a reality. You have the power!

You can find the official kickstarter for Shogun Rising by following this link. Follow Shogun Rising on Twitter by following this link.

You can find out more about Aaron Miller by following this link. Follow Aaron Miller on Twitter by following this link.

You can find out more about Cynthia Sheppard by following this link. Follow Cynthia Sheppard on Twitter by following this link.


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