Song of the Week: Linger, by The Cranberries

I’ve been critiquing a friend’s manuscript and I like to listen to music as I review my notes. I decided to make a playlist of the songs I feel remind me of this person’s characters and story. I thought it would be cool to start sharing some of those songs. You know, for strictly scientific reasons. 😉

The first song I chose was Linger, by The Cranberries. While the cheating aspect doesn’t come into play for this manuscript, I love the sense that even though one of the couple knows the other may not be the best for them, they can’t help but stay. Do you have to let it linger? That line works so well for the main character of this particular manuscript. Even though she may have to suffer, she can’t help but follow her love. He lingers in her heart. So she follows. The heart overrides the head.

Have any of you created a playlist for either your manuscript, or a friend’s? What songs would best describe your manuscript?



  1. “Linger” is a great song, and (lyrically appropriate or not) appears in my “Healer’s Touch and its sequels” playlist. I tend to pick songs for my writing playlist based on the mood they invoke.

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