Weekend Horror: World War Z

World War Z posterIt’s been a while since I’ve posted any movie related reviews. I finally saw World War Z yesterday and was glad I decided not to go to the movies and see it. I had “a feeling” this film wasn’t going to be good due to all the writing problems. I mean they hired one writing team, then didn’t like that direction after filming so they hired a second. Turns out that wasn’t all they were looking for either and they hired Damon Lindelof to fix it as best he could.

And that’s the problem with this film: It seems like three different pieces instead one complete film. Nothing seemed to gel. Things that were established in the beginning were either dismissed completely or tweaked to fit the new direction. On top of that, you could actually see Brad Pitt’s hair was longer and blonder later on in the film. A multitude of small problems always add up. For someone like me, a person who tends to notice everything and a writer, that can be a problem. Minor spoiler alert: Take, for instance, when the C-17 pilot abandons his mission to chauffer Brad Pitt around the world in order to figure out this disease. Why in the hell would he simply leave EVERYONE behind? The whole South Korea part had me grumbling. There were way too many inconsistencies within this movie’s world for it to be a good film. They went out of their way to make rules only to break them twenty minutes later. It makes it hard for viewers to follow along and trust the film makers. It’s frustrating because this could have been a good film but it never finds its stride or identity.

I really enjoyed the first half hour when the illness is first spreading through the United States. The pacing was fast and furious. I believed it when I saw thousands of frightened folks running for their lives, Brad Pitt included. I also enjoyed the last thirty minutes of the film where they tried to makes sense of the mess of a middle. The writers did a great job with damage control there. Too bad the “zombies” acted completely different from the beginning of the film.

Fans of zombie movies will probably still enjoy this film. There are enjoyable sections. Overall World War Z’s inability to find a consistent identity hurt it. Viewers are pulled in several different directions and never given valid reasons for the tug of war. It all boils down to the writing. The acting was fine. The actors who portrayed the zombies were excellent. The special effects and sound were both great.

Will World War Z be remembered for bringing something new to the zombie apocalypse table? In a word, no. Was it entertaining? It had flashes of awesome but, in my opinion, not enough to be considered one of the better films of its genre. World War Z is adequate but fails to reach its potential. I hope they do a better job with the already announced sequel. Maybe it’ll be more like the book? If you’re looking for a big feeling zombie apocalypse that’ll leave you feeling meh, World War Z is that film. I’m giving it two and a half stars out of five. It’s worth renting, especially if you love zombies.

You can find the official World War Z website by clicking on this link.



  1. I was so, so excited to see this movie when I first saw the trailer. I listened to the audio book years ago and couldn’t wait…but then I read the reviews that said it was nothing like the book, and I decided maybe I could wait and just rent it. Sounds like I made the right decision. 🙂 I’ll still rent it eventually, though – I’ve heard it’s worth it for some of the special effects of the zombie swarm alone.

    1. Yeah, this film is nothing like the book. They could make the sequel more like the book if they want. I’m hoping they do because it would fit where the movie leaves viewers. Good call on renting it. It’s worth your time. I hesitate to call them zombies because they really aren’t. They’re infected people. To horror guys like me, there is a difference. Anyway, there are some cool zombie parts. They move like a colony of ants trying to protect their queen. Some of the far off shots of zombie carnage are pretty awesome. Let me know what you think!

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