The Dark Carnival Is Upon Us!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages! Step right up and get your ticket for the Dark Carnival. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

If you follow Pen and Muse (and you really should, especially if you’re a writer) then you know all about the Dark Carnival. If not, well then get your butt over there and check it out! Like right now. We can wait…

Back? Cool, now we can get on with the post!

What is the Dark Carnival? It all boils down to a theme which a bunch of writers incorporated into a short story between 1k and 5k words. Each writer got to choose a particular carnival attraction–rides, sideshows, concessions, games–and then crafted a scary story. The Dark Carnival is all about the horror, people. Each story will fill a particular section. Say, for instance, I was writing about cotton candy. My story would fall under the concession stand. If I was writing about the carousel, then that story would fall under rides. Pretty straight forward.

I mention this because not only is it an awesome idea (I’m looking at you, Jolene) but I’m also taking part. I thought I missed the deadline but Jolene was kind enough to let me come over and play. She’s cool like that.

What did I choose to write about?


I don’t know what they call this game where you’re from, but around here we call it “Hot Shot Hoops.” It’s that game where you have to sink what amounts to a free throw, or consecutive free throws to earn a prize. Sounds simple enough, right? If it were that easy, wouldn’t every single person who tried win a prize? If you look closer you’ll see that the rims are smaller than regulation size. You have to be a bit more precise with your shot.

How in the world am I going to turn a carnival game into something scary? You’ll just have to wait and see. Here’s a hint: if you miss, you may lose out on more than a stuffed animal…maybe your soul? 😉

Until my story is up, you can go and read the first Dark Carnival story. Just in case you need more incentive, Pen and Muse is also giving away a goodie basket to one lucky winner. Anyone can enter. Yes, even you. All you have to do is stop by and make a comment. I’ll make it easy and give you a handy-dandy link:

Wanna see who else is contributing? There’s a link for that too:

If you love discovering creepy new horror stories and writers, then you need to check out the Dark Carnival. Not only is it crackling with inspiration, but you may even make a new friend. You may even catch a glimpse of real life muses! And if you see a tall guy pressed back in the shadows taking tickets for Hot Shot Hoops, it’s clearly not me. It must be some other guy with a twisted horror writer’s mind who looks an awful lot like me. 😉

See you there!


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