Redirect: Reclaiming Horror, by Annie Neugebauer, via the Horror Writers Association

If you love horror in books, you must read Annie’s post. She touches on some poignant, and often overlooked, points. I’m not going to ramble any longer than necessary so you can sink your teeth into Annie’s excellent post. Without further adieu, herrrrre’s Annie!

This link will take you to the Horror Writer’s Association and Annie’s post. Please, click here:

You can follow Annie on Twitter here:

Annie’s official website can be found here:



  1. That gif almost made me spit out my coffee. Is it weird that I’ve waited my whole life for someone to use my name in that line? The best part is that it actually looks like he’s mouthing my name. Hilarious.

    But seriously, thank you so much for sharing my HWA post! I’m thrilled that you liked it and very grateful to you for spreading the word!

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