How About Some Horror Inspired Music Videos?

Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing music videos that feature horror in some way. I tried to pick great songs that also try to creep viewers out. We’ve got psycho killers, a creepy Wizard of Oz reimagining, and even zombies. Sorry, but you won’t find any Monster Mash or Thriller here. I’m not saying those aren’t good songs, or videos, but I didn’t want to bring the same old same old to this list. Rock on, and enjoy. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

10) All of Us, by Blindside

9) Helena, by My Chemical Romance

8) Shame, by Stabbing Westward

7) The End of Prom Night, by Snow White’s Poison Bite

6) Wicked World, by Cold

5) Misery Loves My Company, by Three Days Grace

4) I Miss You, by Blink-182

3) Still Swingin, by Papa Roach

2) Family Tradition, by Senses Fail

1) The Kill, by 30 Seconds To Mars



  1. Mmmm… MCR “Helena”, now that’s my kind of angst…
    I’ll have to check out the rest. I’m only really otherwise familar with the Three Days Grace one…

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