Song of the Week: Pieces, by Sum 41

November has thus far been a busy month for me. I’ve been finishing up a project for submission before a December 1st deadline, preparing for another submission before a January 1st deadline, and participating in Project REUTSway. My writing career seems to be heading in the right, positive direction.

Why does it seem that whenever things in one area of our lives are going well they turn to shit in another? It’s like you accidentally walk through a curtain and see something you weren’t meant to see, a layer of grime you hadn’t noticed before. As a result things change. It seems like people always let you down in some capacity.

That’s why my song of the week is a bit melancholy. It’s a great song by the Canadian band, Sum 41, about the need for space, to be yourself. I think we all need to figure out who we truly are and stick to those principles even when life seems intent on trying to break them, and you. Sometimes we really are better off on our own. This song does a great job conveying that. I’ve been listening to it a lot this past week and wanted to share. I hope you like it.



  1. I’m going to get a little personal- I know what you mean, and I can say that from the most honest place possible. I made the decision to pull out the bleach and gloves, and stay. Not something I could on my own, but sometimes… the other person sees behind your curtain, and though the grime and grit are prevalent, they know enough to work by your side because those little things that shine are worth it.

    But knowing your own worth, that’s what matters the most in the end, whatever decision or direction you take. And that can and is the hardest part for me.

    Fortunately, I have people like you on my side to remind me.

    There’s this- I know I’m lucky to have you as a friend and fellow writer in the rabble. Your strength, resolve, and willingness to stand on your own ground and principles have been a greater inspiration to me that you may ever know.

    Screw the people who expect perfection. If we live our lives according to someone else’s crazy mandate, we’ll spend most of our lives missing out on what it means to be a creative person with good souls.

    In short- you’re not alone. You have awesome friends. Though I have a tendency to fall short sometimes, I am one of them. 🙂

    1. I know you’re one my friends, and I appreciate every thing you do. I enjoy our little talks and occasional misunderstandings. You make this crazy and fantastic journey worth it. Like I said in my tweet, I’m not going anywhere.

      And congrats on your short story being named a top look for Project REUTSway’s second challenge. You’re getting better. Watch out now! 🙂

      Thanks, as always, for being there and commenting.

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