Happy Birthday KJ!!! (Birthday Scavenger Hunt, Stop #11)

Happy Birthday - KJ 3

This should be KJ’s eleventh stop on her birthday tour of awesomeness.

There are a relatively few people I’ve met over the internet who I genuinely consider a friend. Kristen Jett is one of those people. She is the kind of woman who, even when uber busy, will make time for her friends. She is talented, inspiring, chill, caring, supportive, driven, intelligent, and I don’t want to embarrass her or anything. 😉 Plus, she’s a horror movie loving southern belle with a heart of gold, not to mention a UFC maniac who will tweet me when I’m sleeping saying things like, “TELL ME YOU JUST SAW THAT?!?”

She also has the biggest “To Be Read” list I think I’ve ever seen. If it has words, it’s probably on her list.

What I love most about KJ is that she’s 100% genuine. She is who she is. No BS. Kristen was even instrumental in me writing my very first short story. It was a zombie story, titled LABOR OF LOVE, and it even featured a certain pink handled shotgun she may be familiar with. Did I mention an e-magazine published it? Yeah, KJ is a real life muse.  Like many of you, I’m grateful to call this dynamic person my friend.

If you ever want to hide something from Kristen, just put it under this:

I guarantee she won’t touch it. And bacon. We can’t forget about bacon when KJ’s around.

Like Spike Lee says…Happy born day, Kristen. Enjoy these virtual presents before your twelfth clue.


I know how much you love Harry Potter. Enjoy drunk Ron Weasley singing Happy Birthday to Harry Potter, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and Simon Pegg.

And lastly, since I want you to go away happy, here’s Dean Winchester asking for a slow dance. You’re so lucky.

Okay, now that all the presents are out of the way, we’ve got serious business to attend to. I’m not your last stop. There are more. Don’t worry, I made it easy. *whispers* There’s links. Ready for your next batch of clues?

1) This person used to peek in the Diaries of Ella Graham.

2) They talk freely about the Secret Life of Writers.

3) No one knows more about OF SCARS AND STARDUST than them…like in the history of scars and stardust. Really. I’m not kidding.

4) This person once said you were their personal astrologist. “What’s up with the moon?”

Have you figured it out yet? That’s right, give a great big hug to…someone we should all be following on twitter… https://twitter.com/andeehannah

Yep, it’s http://www.andreahannah.com/!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTEN! I hope you have a blast…and not too much tequila or you might start seeing clowns. 😉

Now for a song. When I think of fun, I think of Chiddy Bang. What can I say, it’s an East Coast thing. Anyway, here they are with a great song titled Opposite of Adults. We all started out as kids with dreams. I hope you’re living yours today.



  1. I definitely cried AND laughed AND screamed at Pennywise while reading this. So mission accomplished? LOL.
    Thank you!!! 🙂

    PS: I did not see last night’s fight. And from the sounds of it, I’d have been cranky if I left party for it, haha.

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