Song Of The Week: Right Back At It Again, by A Day To Remember

Before I was a “writer” I taught myself how to play the guitar. I was seventeen and full of different emotions I didn’t know how to express. Music helped give me a release. It has been an important part of my life ever since.

Certain bands appeal to me more than others. I realize we each have different tastes. With that being said, I believe good music is good music regardless of genre. The same goes for writing. A good story is a good story no matter what genre, who penned it.

I try to bring a “musician’s spirit” to my writing. That spirit of not listening to the naysayers, persevering despite the odds. There’s a band called A Day To Remember who I believe embodies this spirit. They have a new album (Common Courtesy) and single out now, called Right Back at it Again. It’s about going for your dreams/goals no matter how shitty the journey may be. As I continue on my writing journey, it’s a message I need to hear every so often. There are days when I doubt not only my writing skills, but who I am as a person. Am I doing everything I can? Am I really giving my all? Is this story as good as I can make it?

We all deal with doubt different ways. Whenever doubt starts creeping into my thoughts I put some music on. Sometimes I sing. Really loud. It helps clear all those bottled up emotions, all the doubt.

Music is a cherished piece of who I am. Just like writing has become a cherished piece of me as well. Mixing these two passions was a no brainer. But it’s the musician’s spirit, defying what others think you’re capable of, that I bring to the writing table. Fighting on despite the odds. Fuck Han Solo not wanting to know the odds. I want to know how bleak things are. It’ll make finally overcoming those same bleak odds that much sweeter.

So when the doubt creeps in, put on one of your favorite bands/songs. Sing along with the lyrics. Give voice to your fears, doubts, and reluctance. Let them be part of what drives you forward toward whatever your goals may be.

Don’t let the doubt drag you down. And if you do fall, get up and get right back at it again.

You can find out more about A Day to Remember by following this link to their official website:


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