Song of the Week: Hell and Back, by Tonight Alive

2014 is here and many of us have made resolutions. Not me. I look at each day as a way to improve myself. As long as I’m moving forward, it doesn’t matter how. As I look at where I am today, I’m grateful. I’ve lived through some harsh times, as I’m sure many of you have as well. My writing career seems to be taking off and I can’t but help think about how far I’ve come. It feels good to find strength in things that used to crush me. We all struggle–whether those struggles are of our own making is a whole different story. We can overcome just about anything if we’re determined, and want it bad enough.

Whether we were abused as children, kicked to the curb as teenagers, or beaten down as adults, we can find the strength to push forward. There is a way out. Never stop believing. And never, ever, stop fighting for a better life.


One comment

  1. I’m a list making kind of person. New Year’s resolutions usually just round up what I’m currently working on, what I want to continue working on or what I’ve been trying to start working on. Life’s a day to day kinda thing. Not a once a year thing.

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