The Music That Helped Inspire Through Mourning

It’s no secret how much I love music. I often listen to different songs as I write. When things are going good, the music helps me capture certain emotions. Longing, regret, sorrow, rage, tenderness, and the list goes on and on.

I submitted my latest short story, titled THROUGH MOURNING, over the weekend. It’s the story of a man struggling to survive in a big city three years after an infection ravaged the world. Yeah, it has zombies. But it also delves into the mind of a man who has spent too much time on his own, how being alone has changed him. Whenever I needed a little help crawling into my main character’s mind, I knew I could listen to certain songs to help clarify things. That’s what music does for me as I write. It helps set the tone and pace.

As with most things I write, I made a playlist and thought I’d share some of the songs. They vary in range, from heavier guitar driven songs from bands like Killswitch Engage, to the acoustic talents of Ed Sheeran. I’m going to give you an abbreviated version of around five songs. I hope you like it.

1. The Arms of Sorrow, by Killswitch Engage. This song is great on many different levels. I love the vocals, the vocal style as well as the meaning behind the words. This song was constantly on my mind and became the basis for this playlist.

2. Give Me Love, by Ed Sheeran. I love the sense of longing I get from most of Ed’s songs. There’s a rawness to them that makes them feel genuine, real. This song fit with my main character on many different levels.

3. All That I’ve Got, by The Used. I’m a big Used fan. This song is another great example of a person’s mindset. The video is pretty cool as well. I also have Empty With You, by The Used, on my playlist too.

4. The Hand That Feeds, by Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor. Nuff said.

5. Love Is Dead, by Kerli. There’s so much to love about this song. Kerli’s vocals can be as soft as a cloud or visceral, which I absolutely adore about her. The video, going from old and dead to young and alive, is kind of awesome too.

Bonus: Falls On Me, by Fuel. I love the tone of this song, how the chorus explodes and punches listeners in the face. The lyrics are pretty much the opposite of Love Is Dead, as we go from dark to light.


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