Ask Me A Question

It’s Monday and I should be posting something exciting…but I’ve got nothing. I spent this past weekend sleep deprived as I stayed with my sister so I could babysit her kids and assist with the care of a dying cat. I’m tired and can’t think clearly. Plus, there was way too much One Direction. They do not sing the best song ever!

Anyway, I figured I would open this post to my followers. Feel free to ask me questions. Anything that’s been gnawing at you lately? Need some advice? Do you have questions about writing? Go ahead and ask. I’ll do my best to answer…within reason. 😉 No, I won’t marry you. I hardly know you! I’m not that kind of guy. 🙂 My lack of sleep has me spewing lame jokes.

Oh, and if you can think of any questions I should include in a FAQ section for this blog, that would be great too.

You guys/gals are the best.

I need a nap. Here’s a picture of Buck lounging on the couch. I should go join him.




  1. And here I thought I’d send you a list of eligible writer women with a love for black labs and horror. 😉

    I sent you an email kind of along these lines. Hope you’re rested. Kids are rough, aren’t they? Sorry for their heartbreak. We lost kittens last year and it was rough. 😦

    Take care and best to you.

  2. Okay, hold it right there! There is a picture of Buck here in this post – so its a very interesting post already.
    Dying cat? Babysitting munchkins? You are an awesome human being. You know that? I don’t know how you’re not already married (no weird vibes here lol). You’re nice. Not something found easily.
    Also – I am so sorry about the cat. Losing pets is painful. 😦 I hope they’re doing better.

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