The Black Gate Update

I wanted to put this in writing and make it visible so I’ll have more incentive to reach this new goal. What goal? I’m going to try and finish the first draft of THE BLACK GATE by the end of April. If all goes well I’ll have this bad boy revised and out to readers by summertime. Hopefully it’ll be completely revised, and finished, by the end of August. Sounds simple, right?

It was time for me to look at the calendar and get serious. As of this moment, I’m sitting at 30,000 words and pressing forward. That leaves me around six weeks to finish this first draft. I can do it.

Just like Tallahassee, from Zombieland, said, “Time to nut up, or shut up.” Gotta get back to writing.

What about you? What are some of your immediate writing goals?



  1. I want to finish my first draft of MUSTACHES by June. And I want to start revising CURSES again this summer.

  2. Kati and I are in the “nut up or shut up” mode right now, too – we are trying to finish all of our revisions before the end of this month. After that…I don’t know. I have a whole bunch of ideas for new projects and I’ll just have to pick one. I think I’m going to try outlining the next thing I write, so that’s a goal – I’m usually a total pantser but I think it might be interesting to see how the other side works. 😉

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