Monster Monday: 30 Days of Night

I’ve been thinking of different horror themed things to do for the blog and came up with…Monster Monday. I’m talking about any monsters from any medium. Since my first book contains vampires, I thought it appropriate to feature a film where the vampires are more monster than anything else. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

This film is dark, in tone and visually. These vampires are the monsters you were always warned about as a kid. They live to feed and are ruthless in their pursuit of fresh blood.

The sleepy town of Barrow, Alaska is headed for thirty straight days without the sun. What better place for vampires to descend and slaughter the residents? Sunlight fries these vampires so they have a human servant arrive a couple days before them to do things like cut off communications. Completely cut off from the rest of world, residents must try and survive the thirty days. Hopefully the vampires will leave before the sun.

The film is based on Steve Niles’ graphic novels…which I haven’t read yet. They’re at the top of my list along with the Strain graphic novels. I have read Tim Lebbon’s book based on this world, titled 30 Days of Night: Fear of the Dark. I rated it three and a half stars and would recommend fans of the movie give it a try.

There is plenty to like about this film. First and foremost are the performances. Whoever casted this film did an excellent job. Josh Hartnett brought an everyman feel to his character of Eben, the small town constable who is in over his head. It becomes immediately clear that Barrow is in serious danger and he can’t save everyone, though he would like to. Instead he does what he can, with what he has.

Danny Huston’s performance as the leader of the vampires is da bomb. He brings an arrogance and complete disregard for human life that was vital to not only his part, but the film. I can’t imagine how long it took him to learn the fictional vampire dialect either.

Ben Foster as the creepy vampire slave is one of my favorite performances in the film. He acts like he’s already a vampire, but in reality he’s nothing more than a puppet. The scene where he’s ordering food in the diner is one of my favorites.

There’s some blood and gore, but it’s never too over the top. The vampires are visceral and also highly intelligent killers. There’s plenty to like. They have no problem stalking prey from the shadows, or ripping someone right from their kitchen. There’s even a scene where they use a bloodied victim to try and lure out any more survivors. They may be hungry, but they’re still smart, which I like.

The scene with the little girl in the grocery store is made of pure awesome.

If you’re in the mood for predatory vampires who aren’t quite like other vampires, then watch 30 Days of Night. Great cinematography, acting, directing, casting, stunts, and special effects highlight this smart and dynamic horror film. 30 Days of Night has quickly become one of my favorite vampire films of all-time. This is survival horror at it’s finest. I highly recommend it.



    1. Yeah, one of mine too. They got so much right with this one that you can’t help but love it. Just remind me to steer clear of Barrow when the sun don’t shine for 30 days. 😉

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