What’s Up Wednesday

How’s your writing coming along? Making any progress on your WIP? What’s up, it’s Wednesday! Time to check in and sound off.

I passed the halfway mark for THE BLACK GATE. As of this morning I’m sitting at 42,000 words. The toughest part is reminding myself to stick with quality over quantity. I’d much rather take a little longer and get more things right the first time around, than have to go back and re-write. I’m going for efficiency rather than speed. All in all, things are progressing at a steady pace. I have gone back and modified my outline to include more chapters and have been keeping more thorough notes for each chapter before touching a keyboard. The results have been a steady flow of words with purpose. It feels good knowing pretty much where I’m going before I start each chapter.

In other news, there really isn’t any other news at the moment. Things happen as they will in the publishing world. I like to call them “behind the scenes things” because nothing is official and I really can’t talk about them yet. Still waiting to hear back onย a couple of short stories, SNAFU and THE DARK CARNIVAL are each moving along respectively, more details as they become available. That’s it.

Sound off in the comments if you’d like to share your progress. Happy writing!



  1. Well done! Halfway is good! May the rest flow smoothly and find an eager audience!
    It sounds as though you’ve got a good plan and an efficient method going there. I’m rooting for your success!
    I’m at ~89.5% on mine (she says “about” and puts a half a percent…yeah). 89.5% if I hit the planned 120,000 mark, but I suspect I’ll go a little over in this draft. That’s currently a little over 107,000 words! I’m trying to pat myself on the back… but I shan’t, not until I complete this thing! This week or early next week, all going well. Then we can pop some bubbles.

    1. Love the half percent. You’re almost at the finish line. So close. Keep writing and you’ll be there shortly. I’m shooting for something between 80k and 90k words. Your 120k words trumps mine. How good will it feel when you finish?

      Any plans for a third book yet? I smell a trilogy. *sniff, sniff* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well, things are progressing a little more slowly in MUSTACHES because CURSES is back on the rewriting desk. Last weekend I rewrote the first three chapters. It’s now one chapter. I cut a lot. Like an Alot sized a lot. Mustaches is also getting reworked. I owe the revisions to my writing buddy t
    Next week. I hope to have one more chapter written by then.

  3. Brilliant work!
    I’ve had to take time off as I have a throat infection that’s laid me out. Still thinking of the novel all the time though, and I’m sure my back brain is quietly working on the notes I made in my last full edit.
    I should be able to get on with the final tweaks when I’m better.
    One chapter at a time!

  4. Still revising, but we’re almost done…I can’t wait to be done. I love this story, but I’m so sick of it now. I’m looking forward to working on something new soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy writing!

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