What’s Up Wednesday

Just wanted to check in and see what everyone has been up to. How are those WIPs coming along? Are you meeting your goals?

The state of BSD #2.

BSD #2 currently has 60,000 words. I’ve been trying to write at least one thousand words every weekday and as much as possible on the weekends. Even with a setback, I think I may finish my first draft by the end of April. I’m in the middle of an action scene where Mitsuko is double fisting swords and doing what she does best. I’ve been more productive since holding myself accountable with daily writing goals. The final word count looks like it’ll be somewhere around 80,000 words. I’m getting to the point where I can’t wait to share it with my critique partners. Things are looking good thus far. *knocks on wood*

Short fiction.

I had a great idea for a short story and scribbled down an outline and some character info. The plan is to write it after the first draft of BSD #2 is finished. There’s an anthology I’ve been eyeing and this story would fit the criteria. The submission window doesn’t close until September so I’ve got plenty of time. Just for fun, I plan on having a death by bacon scene. It should be fun.

SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, from Cohesion Press, featuring my story COVERT GENESIS,  is still scheduled for a summer 2014 release. I’ll be sure to pass along more info as it becomes available.

The Dark Carnival, from Pen & Muse Press, featuring my story NOTHING BUT NET, is still scheduled for an October 2014 release. Again, I’ll be sure to pass along more info as it becomes available.

I don’t know how active I’ll be in the next few weeks. My goal is to have at least one post up per week during that time. Expect a new Monster Monday post this coming Monday. I hope your writing is coming up Milhouse! 😉


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