Must Read: On Rape And Repugnance, by Brian Keene

Today’s post is going to be a redirect. Please, give it a read.

I’m going to urge my fellow writers to read a blog post by legendary horror icon, Brian Keene, about the very real threat of rape and everything that goes along with it. He covers a lot of territory, and makes many great points.

If you, or anyone you love has been affected by this heinous act, you know the seriousness of the subject. It’s one I don’t take lightly. Someone close to me suffered through it. I was there to try and help in any way I could.

You may, or may not, know I have a near rape scene in my first book. I talked about my struggle with writing it, cutting it out, putting it back in, cutting it back out, and ultimately putting it back in again. It’s still there today. It was important for me to show what happens to the character, how she handles the situation and how it changes her mentally. To me, not including the scene felt wrong. This bad thing happened to her. In reality, it happens all too often. I didn’t want to glorify the act, but, rather, focus on how it changed the character.

I still struggle with knowing the scene is in my book. My hope is readers will understand the intent.

When I read Brian’s post, I found myself nodding along to much of it. I wanted to share with all of you here. Without further adieu, the link for Brian’s original post will appear below. I would highly encourage you to click on it and give it a read. Like Brian says, “Rape is a subject that impacts us all, and it is our duty to speak up. If you make art, if you create entertainment, if you examine the world via words or pictures and offer folks a few hours of escapism and release, then you have a responsibility to get involved.”




  1. This made me cry. I left a comment over there, but I wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you from someone who went from victim to survivor to warrior. For sharing this. Thank you for being there for your loved one who went through this. It’s not something that ever really ends. There are always question marks and choices to make- the choice to forgive yourself (though we know, logically, it’s not our fault), the choice to move forward and speak out when we see something like someone threatening another in such a horrid manner.

    So, yes, thank you.

    1. You’re right when you say it never really ends, even for family members. I’ve been struggling with creating a post of my own on the subject. I don’t know if I can. I sent you an email which should help clarify things. I would give you a great big hug if I was there right now. Sometimes warriors need hugs too.

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