Five Good Songs: Musical Inspiration For My Second Book

Sometimes when I write I need the emotional punch of a good song. It helps bring out the connection between the characters, or their actions. I thought it would be fun to share some of the songs I’ve been listening to. Much of this music helps set the tone when I’m writing certain scenes. A good example of this would be a scene where my main character has a breakdown and doesn’t realize it until after it’s too late. She tries to do too much. For that scene I listened to Christina Perri’s song, Human. Feel free to share your song recommendations in the comments section!

1. Save Our Selves (The Warning), by The Blackout

2. Back From the Dead, by Skylar Grey

3. Human, by Christina Perri

4. Love the Way You Hate Me, by Like a Storm

5. We’re All Liars, by Sent By Ravens


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