Bring On The Deadlines!

As you can probably imagine, signing a publishing contract involves many different things. A whole slew of topics are covered. Everything from financial terms to how long you have to return edits, all the way down to how many promotional copies of your book you get.

Even though my publisher and I are both excited to have a signed contract, the simple truth is I now have real, tangible deadlines for just about everything. I now owe Permuted Press two more books. BSD #2 is due Fall 2014. Keep in mind that doesn’t take into consideration any of the editing deadlines for BSD, promotion, or anything else I may need to due for the first book. BSD #3 is due a year after BSD #2, Fall 2015.

As you can see there’s little time to celebrate. I’m the kind of guy who likes to get going. If there’s something productive to be done, point me in the right direction and stand back. It feels good knowing exactly when certain materials are due. I crave the solid direction. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

I highly recommend authors print out a copy of their contract and keep it handy. I keep all my contracts in a folder on my desk. Whenever I need to look something up, I have any/all pertinent information within arm’s reach. Easy-peasy.

Aside from a binder or folder for your contracts, you may want to get a calendar specifically for your writing deadlines. Pin that bad boy up around your work space where you can see it. That way nothing will creep up on you.

If we can stay organized and on top of deadlines, they shouldn’t be anything to dread. In my opinion, an organized writer is a productive writer.

Now go forth and slay your deadlines like Samwell Tarly on a White Walker.



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