SNAFU Is Now Available For Pre-Order


Anyone interested in pre-ordering SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, releasing July 11th, from Cohesion Press? Well, I’ve got great news for you! As of this moment you can! The fine folks behind the anthology also have a special bonus for all the hardcover pre-orders. *ALL HARDCOVER PRE-ORDERS WILL GO IN A DRAW TO WIN A SIGNED LIMITED HARDCOVER EDITION AS AN EXTRA TO THEIR ORDER* How cool is that? Follow this link to place your order:

You’ll also get to see the complete table of contents for SNAFU.  My short story, Covert Genesis, will be the third in the anthology. Jonathan Maberry’s story is up after mine. That blows my mind. At over 100,000 words and 430 pages, SNAFU should satisfy any horror lover’s appetite. I couldn’t be more pleased to be among such a wonderful list of both established and up and coming authors.

Do you like having fun? How about free stuff? Of course you do!

Cohesion Press will also be holding an online release party on their Facebook page. If you’d like to win some cool prizes, head on over to their Facebook page and sign up. Make sure you get in on the fun here:

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are three copies up for grabs on Goodreads! Be sure to add SNAFU to your To-Be Read List while you’re at it. Your support means so much to not only me, but the anthology, and Cohesion Press. The giveaway ends July 19th. Don’t miss out! Enter the Goodreads giveaway here:

I may even get in on the giveaways a little closer to the release date. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, what can you expect from my story? Well, I used to be a mechanic in the Air Force, so there’s a pretty good chance my main character is as well. He may be on a mission to repair what he believes is a downed aircraft only to stumble onto something strange, something never seen before. And yes, there’s plenty of shooting. I hope readers have as much fun reading Covert Genesis as I had writing it.

Thank you for all your support. And a big thank you goes out to Geoff Brown for putting this anthology together and including me in it. I can’t wait to see SNAFU out in the world.

Be sure to follow Cohesion Press on twitter:


Prepare for carnage, July 11th!



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