SNAFU On Zombiepalooza Radio

Hey, everyone!

Physical copies of SNAFU, available in hardcover or paperback, are now available. If you prefer holding a real book in your hands, we’ve got you covered. Some of my friends and family have ordered hardcovers and are waiting to get their grubby hands on some great fiction. You can get it for your respective e-readers if you prefer reading that way too. No worries!

Order SNAFU from Amazon here:

Barnes & Noble:

If you’ve read and loved SNAFU, please let us know by leaving a review. Good, or bad, we love hearing from our readers. We appreciate your time and support. Thank you so much!


Tomorrow, July 18, at 8:30 PM EST some of the fine folks behind SNAFU will be appearing on the Zombiepalooza Radio. The editor of the anthology and some of the contributing authors will talk about their stories and various other horror things via Skype. If you’re around, give it a listen.

There’s still time to enter the Goodreads giveaway too. You’ve got until July 19th. Good luck! Follow this link to request a copy of SNAFU:

You can learn more about the Zombiepalooza Radio by following this link:

Thanks for reading, everyone! I’ve got to go and finish my second book. My characters can’t do it without me. 😉



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