Vote For SNAFU, Read SNAFU For Free, And Other Updates

This is going to be a quick one today because I’m very busy. What’s keeping me busy? I’m critiquing a short story for a writer friend (she knows who she is), getting my Sci-Fi short story edited and revised in preparation for submission, and I’ve got a synopsis which I’ve been putting off. Plus, I’ve got to update this lovely blog at some point. I love being busy and wouldn’t have it any other way. It means I’m being productive, and productive is always a good thing!

For those of you who have read SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, and would like to help Cohesion Press, you can vote for it in This Is Horror’s yearly awards. All you have to do is go to their website and vote for it as your favorite anthology of the year. You could also vote for Cohesion Press as publisher of the year if you’d like too. I won’t twist anyone’s arm. All I’d ask is that you consider voting. You’ve got until November 28. We’d really appreciate it! Plus, This Is Horror is a great website in its own right. I’ve been following them for a couple of years now. Check them out. Here’s the link:

Also, for those of you who subscribe to Cohesion Press’ newsletter, you know the man behind the press, Geoff Brown, is offering to give readers either SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, or the recently released SNAFU: Heroes for…drum roll please…FREE! Do not adjust your eyes. You saw it correctly. I said absolutely free! What’s the catch? It’s e-book only and you have to provide an honest review after you finish reading. BOOM! Easy-peasy. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to snag either of these books, now’s your chance. Go forth and spread the news! I’ll let Geoff tell you himself. Here’s the link:

In other freebie news, you can download the Dark Carnival Horror Anthology, published by Pen & Muse Press, from Smashwords…drum roll please…absolutely free! There are a ton of creepy short stories ranging from YA to Urban Fantasy to straight up horror. I’ve got a story in there, as well as authors like Mark Matthews, Julie Hutchings, and Claire C. Riley. Monday it’s free. Tuesday it’s free. Wednesday it’s free. Everyday it’s free! E-book only. Here’s the link:

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to read SNAFU, the Dark Carnival, or any of my other stories. It may be a little early to say that 2014 has been the best year so far in my writing career, but it really has. And it only makes me determined to make 2015 even better. I hope you’ll continue to support and read my work. All of you truly make this fantastic, crazy, and sometimes nerve wracking journey worth while. We’re just getting started. Keep your eyes peeled for more news.

Soon, my Precious, soon.


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