Publication Announcement: The Dragon’s Tinder

The contract has been signed. It’s official.

My short story, THE DRAGON’S TINDER, will appear in the Twice Upon A Time anthology, from The Bearded Scribe Press. The Dragon’s Tinder takes Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, The Tinderbox, and re-imagines it with revenants, vampires, and vampire hunters. I’m looking forward to seeing what other retellings await readers in this anticipated anthology. Check out the cover below.


From the publisher:

What if the Grimm Brothers got it all wrong?

In this forthcoming title, fairytale, folklore, and myth is reimagined and remastered.

Join Joshua Allen Mercier and The Bearded Scribe Press in its maiden publication, filled with retellings of horror, steampunk, dark fantasy, historical fantasy, cyberpunk, zombies, and other sub-genres of Speculative Fiction.

Watch the trailer:

A wide variety of authors and stories will appear in this anthology. A friend of mine, Tonia Marie Harris, has a story in this collection as well. I am honored to share the same pages as her. If you haven’t already, drop by twitter and congratulate her! Follow this link.

I’ll be sure to pass along more details as they become available.

For those of you interested in learning more about The Bearded Scribe Press, follow these links: official website / twitter / facebook


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