The Future Is Now

My agent and I spoke recently. What did we speak about? The future!

We spoke about my two completed books and what we’d like to see happen with them. She gave me two weeks to make absolutely sure the manuscript looks the way I want it to look. That means going through each word and smoothing out any rough edges. I’m about a third of the way through. My plan is to finish editing and then let it sit a few days before going through it again checking for typos. After that, we go on submission.

My agent also went over my WIPs and we discussed which project I should tackle next. She really liked the concept of BLACK SACRAMENT. I’ve got my marching orders. As soon as I’m satisfied with BSD, I’ll be working on my supernatural thriller. I think what really sold her was when I said, “They’re like the Navy SEALS of exorcists.” I look forward to the challenge of bringing cops and exorcists together with plenty of action and scares.

The best part was my agent said she noticed improvement in my world building, characterization, dialogue, and as a result pacing. As a person who tries to get better each day, that’s good to hear. My confidence is up, which means productivity is also up.

If I’m not around as much during the next few months, I hope you’ll understand. Hopefully it means progress and more things for all of you to read. Having direction is important to me. Now I can concentrate on the tasks at hand with maximum effort. It’s time to take over the world! Em, I mean get writing.

What are you up to? What projects have you excited?


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