Recapping May

What’s up, everyone? May came and went. I hope yours went well.

My May started with me tinkering with BETWEEN SHADOWS AND DARKNESS one last time. Well, at least before going on submission. I even added a new prologue to ENDURING DARKNESS which recaps the first book for readers. Both books are now with my agent. What happens next, I have no clue. It’s my first time! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Toward the end of the month I got proposed edits back for two short stories. Both have since been edited and returned to their respective editors. I’m excited to share my short story, Death Blossoms, which will appear in the forthcoming Paying the Ferryman Anthology (Charon Coin Press), with readers soon. We’re in the home stretch!

I can’t really talk about the other one just yet. Not until things become official. I’ll be sure to shout about it when I can. Stay tuned.

I polished my YA ¬†fantasy short, Leprechaun’s Clearing, and sent it off. This story is extra special to me because for the first time I had both of my nieces beta read for me. The reader of the two really liked it and wanted more. My other niece prefers first person books and didn’t really get into it, which is okay. She’s allowed to like what she wants. I’ll have to wait until September to find out if I made it into the anthology.

Yet another short story, From the Cold, was pulled from consideration to appear in a magazine at my request. The editor and I didn’t see eye to eye and I felt it was better to go our separate ways. I promptly subbed it to an anthology I’d been eyeing. I should be hearing back from the editor sometime in July.

Working on my next book is still going slowly. I sent a chunk to a friend of mine to get some much needed feedback. Something, I don’t know what, is holding me back. Hopefully the feedback will help get my head out of my ass. I’d rather take my time and make sure the book reads how I want it to now, rather than throwing up on the page and going back to fix everything later. Only time will tell if I’m doing the right thing.

My stories in the first SNAFU and SNAFU: Wolves at the Door both were singled out in reviews too. It’s always nice when readers appreciate your work and then take the time to talk about it. I’m happy with every review, be it positive or negative. Readers are a passionate bunch and I appreciate the opportunity to entertain and engage them. Just knowing people are reading my words is pretty damn cool. Thanks to all the readers and reviewers out there. You are appreciated.

That’s it for me. I’ve got to go and update the blog. I’ve got to make sure it’s nice and shiny for future visitors. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.


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