Top Five: Comic Book Villains

Villains. Without them our heroes would be irrelevant. The best villains, to me, are calculating, ruthless, and always have an agenda. They may be megalomaniacs, insane, or just plain misunderstood. The best villains, like with any character, have layers. Most are destructive forces in their own right.

I had a much tougher time whittling down my list of favorite villains down to five. There are so many good ones. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was a Marvel kid growing up. You won’t find names like The Joker on my list. What you’ll find are one guy’s opinions. No more, no less. Feel free to create your own list if you don’t agree with my choices.


5) Morbius – What do you do when you discover you’re dying from a rare blood disorder? If you’re Dr. Michael Morbius, you experiment on bats! Naturally things went wrong and he became a vampire-like hybrid who constantly craves blood. I came into contact with The Living Vampire through Spider-Man. I’m a horror guy so seeing a vampire fight a super hero was cool. Later on Morbius walked the line between hero and villain. As you can see from his striking appearance, I like him better when he’s bad. Why, oh, why hasn’t Marvel found a way to get this character into a movie? I’ll be waiting.


4) Mystique – Anyone who can completely mimic another person should be considered dangerous. Mystique is no exception. And because of her power, no one really knows how old she is. When you’re affiliated with The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it’s safe to say we know where her intentions lie. Don’t get me wrong, Mystique has reason to be weary of normal people. They discriminate against her because she’s different, a mutant. Unfortunately for Mystique’s enemies, her true intentions are never really known. Since she can become anyone, there’s no way to know how much of the real Mystique is still around…which makes her an interesting, and complex character. Comic book, and casual fans will recognize her from her battles with the X-Men.


3) Venom – Everyone who’s ever picked up a Spider-Man comic knows some of his best, and most grueling, fights were against Venom. What makes Venom unique is the black suit is actually alive. It’s a symbiote–an alien race of beings who need to feed on a host’s emotions. As many of us know, Spider-Man donned the black suit until he discovered what it truly was. Once separated, the symbiotic suit sought out another host in order to exact revenge on Spider-Man. Eddie Brock was that new host. A disgraced journalist who was revealed as a fraud by Spider-Man, Brock welcomed the black suit that would later be known as Venom. Their mutual hatred for Spider-Man made for some of the most epic battles the wall crawler has been involved in.


2) Galactus – What can you say about a cosmic giant who devours planets for lunch? Pray he doesn’t come to your world! Galactus is a leftover from the universe before the “big bang” changed everything. He’s not the smartest, or most evil of the villains, but he is perhaps the most frightening. HE DEVOURS PLANETS! He’s such a destructive force that it often takes several super heroes to take him down. I first discovered Galactus through the Fantastic Four. His herald was the Silver Surfer who came to our planet to prepare it for his master. The Fantastic Four fought the Silver Surfer, and the rest, as they say, was history. What makes Galactus such a great villain is how large a threat he poses. He’s not coming for a handful of people, no, he wants to devour everything and everyone.

Doctor Doom

1) Doctor Doom – Victor Von Doom. Genius. Mystic. Madman. There are plenty of adjective that could be used to describe Doctor Doom. His ruthless dedication to world domination is what makes him my number one comic book villain. There are no lengths he won’t go to find, and keep, power. What also sets Doom apart is he’s willing to fight anyone, or anything, standing in his way…even other villains like Magneto. Hell, he’s fought just about everyone in the Marvel universe at one time or another, even Squirrel Girl! If ever there was a villain every super hero had to take seriously, it’s Doctor Doom. He’s been at the center of some of the biggest, and most complex, story lines in the history of Marvel comics. If Doom is involved, prepare for the fight of you life!

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite comic book villains. Feel free to share your top five in the comments below.


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