Behind the Story: Through Mourning







Still here? Last chance to turn back. Spoilers ahead!

I recently had a short story published in the anthology, At Hell’s Gates: Bound by Blood. My story is called Through Mourning. It takes place three years after a plague ravaged New York City and follows a lone survivor named Byron Wingate. He’s a former garbage man and single father. For three years he’s been searching for his daughter. And after three years alone, his grip on reality is slipping.

The anthology focused on family relationships. I already had Through Mourning written and it serendipitously fit with what the creators were looking for. Anyone who has ever submitted to an anthology knows how difficult it can be to match a story with an editor’s vision. I was fortunate, and grateful to be apart of the anthology.

At it’s core, Through Mourning is a ghost story set during the zombie apocalypse.

Byron has been living with his failures, how he couldn’t protect his daughter. Even though he won’t give up searching, in the back of his mind he’s been mourning the whole time. This story, at least for me, was a way to explore how a man would deal with the ultimate failure of losing his daughter. He fears the worst but has to know what happened to her. It consumes him.

This story gives a nod to Richard Matheson’s, I Am Legend. It’s very much a character driven story. And the main character is in the middle of losing his shit. It explores the weight of loneliness, and how personal failures affect a person. Throw the two together, add a ghost, and wrap it up in a zombie apocalypse, and you have the recipe for Through Mourning.

I don’t know of any ghost stories that take place during the zombie apocalypse. Feel free to share any recs in the comments below.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the story, and anthology. You can pick it up now for your Kindle for only $2.99. All proceeds got to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Grab At Hell’s Gates 3 for Kindle and/or paperback here by clicking on this link.


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