Paying the Ferryman Has a Release Date

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen this information. If not, why aren’t you following me on Twitter?


Charon Coin Press are gearing up for the October 20 release date of their forthcoming anthology, PAYING THE FERRYMAN. What’s this PAYING THE FERRYMAN ANTHOLOGY, you ask? In each of the stories in this anthology, the main character dies and passes through to the other side. Each author brings a different perspective, and definition, to their other side. Sounds pretty cool, right? I thought so too and was so inspired by the concept that I penned a short story called Death Blossoms.

When I sat down to write Death Blossoms, I knew I wanted a main character of color. They had to be someone from the street. A hustler of some sort. Someone who did what they thought they had to in order to survive. I drew on my earlier years for this character–one of my good friends from high school in particular. I’m no hustler, but I’ve been around them enough to know how some of them think. Despite what some of us may think, not all hustlers are bad people. Desperation and fear can drive even good people to do bad things. My father started out robbing the offering plate from his local church so he could feed his brothers and sisters. All of those things went into Armando Castillo, a young car thief who only wants to get his mamma out of the projects and into a better life. He’s someone, I believe, we all can relate to.

Without giving too much away, the heart of my story is about overcoming our darkest fears (whatever they may be). And, if you’ve read any of my other work, you know I’m big on redemption. Did I mention killer bacon? Don’t adjust your eyes. Yes, I said killer bacon. Bacon…that kills!

Death Blossoms was a lot of fun to write. Turns out it was easy for me too. I can’t wait to see how readers react in a few weeks. Expect more promotion leading up to PAYING THE FERRYMAN’S release.

Mark your calendars. Have your payment ready. The Ferryman is waiting.

The official press release can be found on Charon Coin’s website. Follow this link.

You can find Charon Coin Press on Twitter / Facebook / Official Website


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