Update 1/31/2017

For those interested, here’s the latest on my projects.

The Mists of Calthar is with a small press. I should be getting word back any day now.

My short story, An Unfamiliar Sky, is being considered for an anthology.

Progress is being made on an untitled short story which is about the apocalypse. The plan is to finish, edit, and submit it to anthology.

Not much happening on the book front. There are several projects I could jump into, but I don’t think I’m in the right place mentally yet. I’ll sit down in a couple weeks and take a good look at what book I want to write next.

How about you? How’s your writing going?



  1. My writing is non-existent at the moment. Two young children and life, you know. It’ll return one day. Great to see others hard at work, still, though. Keep going!

  2. Good to hear of your progress. I’m revamping one of my series by going through the first three books and re-visioning and developing further while writing the fourth in the series. It’s quite an experience to enhance a book after three years away from it.

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