Brian W. Taylor is a former soldier turned genre fiction author with a soft spot for the horror genre, black Labs, and soul patches. He grew up in Rochester, New York watching movies like The Evil Dead with his grandmother before Cancer took her, which naturally led him to seek out horror in literature. It was then that he stumbled upon Dean Koontz, and never looked back. While horror is his first love, Sci-Fi/Fantasy is a close second. Authors like Margaret Weis, Tim Lebbon, and Brian Ruckley line his shelves. He may also have an unhealthy fascination with Mallow Cups, but don’t tell anyone. Oh, and never ask him to touch an Ouija board, because he won’t. Ever.

He spent six years in the US Air Force as a fuel systems specialist. His time in the military hammered home a commitment to excellence as well as instilling a “can do” attitude. Brian still holds on to many of the core values he learned while serving.

When he was younger, Brian believes he saw the ghost of his great-aunt. He found out the next day she had passed the night before. He’s been a believer ever since. Maybe that’s why he watches so many ghost hunting shows. In his opinion, horror should be intelligent, play off reader’s fear of the unknown, and also be based around some kind of truth. He tries to bring those same characteristics to his stories and can’t imagine a life without monsters and the people who battle them.

He’s currently hard at work on his next book.

His short fiction can be found in the following anthologies:

  • Covert Genesis appears in SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, published by Cohesion Press (July 2014).
  • Nothing But Net appears in Dark Carnival: An Anthology of Horror, published by Pen & Muse Press (November 2014).
  • The Dragon’s Tinder appears in the Twice Upon a Time Anthology, published by The Bearded Scribe Press (January 2015).
  • Project Lupine appears in SNAFU: Wolves at the Door, published by Cohesion Press (January 2015).
  • Through Mourning appears in At Hell’s Gates 3: Bound By Blood, a horror charity anthology where all the proceeds go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (July 2015).
  • Death Blossoms appears in Paying the Ferryman, published by Charon Coin Press (October 2015).

This is Buck. He’s a Black Lab and can usually be found lounging on the bed behind Brian while he writes. He’s the inspiration for Isamu in BETWEEN SHADOWS AND DARKNESS. Koontz had his Trixie, Brian has his Buck.

Find Brian on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8333778.Brian_W_Taylor

Follow Brian on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/WriteBWT

Purchase books featuring Brian’s work here: amazon.com/author/briantaylor



    1. Thank you. I will accept in my next post. For me, it’s more about the people behind the award than the actual award. From the first moment I read your blog, I knew there was something about you. You’ve got a wonderful personality that shines through everything you do. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need any help. I like your blog too. 😉

    1. I’m glad somebody thinks so! 🙂 Now if I can only find a decent picture, er…um, I mean professional picture. You know one that makes me look all horror like. I’m thinking I may need a gallon of ketchup and a chainsaw. 😉

      1. Maybe only half a gallon. Don’t want to over do it. 😉 Your writing is optimistic even though its horror, so smiles are still good. Besides, we can wait to hire a professional photographer for when we’re a huge success, right? 😉

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