Enduring Darkness


*Complete at 90,000 words.*

ENDURING DARKNESS picks up four years after the events of BETWEEN SHADOWS AND DARKNESS. The vampire nation is splintered and scrambles to find its place in a society that doesn’t want them. Heaven’s remaining angels cling to hope of deliverance from the tyranny of their self-appointed queen. The Office of Vampire Affairs stumbles upon a corpse with a hole above her heart and fang marks in her neck. Mitsuko, along with her allies–Julius, Luke, Sam, Yasmiel, and others–work tirelessly to uncover who’s trying to exterminate the angelic race and lead them all into an age of darkness. Her visions lead them to a black gateway and a secret that could destroy everything, and everyone.

A proper blurb will be coming soon.

Read chapter one here.


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