The Mists Of Calthar

*Keep in mind this is a work in progress and subject to change.*

John Thomas watched in horror as his mother’s space shuttle exploded when he was seven-years-old. Twenty-eight years later, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, he quits his job as an accountant and finds a naked woman being attacked in his parking garage. After John helps fend off the attack, the strange woman, Tallie, explains she comes from beyond the stars and seeks help for her beleaguered people. She’s been living with John’s dead mother and many other missing astronauts on planet Calthar. John dismisses suspicions of her insanity after she recognizes a photo of his dead mother and hums him a lullaby his mother used to sing him when he was a child.

With the aid of Star Crystal technology, John and Tallie travel to planet Calthar where John finds himself on the losing side of an all-out war with the savage mist walkers, native Caltharns whose minds have been corrupted by an intergalactic tyrant. They have John’s mother and most of Tallie’s people enslaved, and now look to Earth as their next conquest. Any hope of rescuing the prisoners is dashed when John and Tallie are betrayed by one of their own. In the hands of the enemy, John must find a way to rescue the prisoners and thwart the pending invasion of Earth, or wind up a corrupted, and mindless slave like the Caltharns before him.

More to come…


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